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A practitioner’s capacity to really get us is perhaps the biggest factor in moving from insight and “ah has” to something we can live

Call me with your hopes, dreams, disappointments, even skepticism…
Let’s find out what’s been missing.

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"Liz’s depth and passionate dedication to the dynamic human journey is flooring. I have never met a coach with quite her intuitive acumen and emotional comprehension. It was as though, together, we were re-writing the blueprints for how information flows through my nervous system."

Skye Winfrey, MA Psychology, PhD Student

Who’s This For?

“Misfits” and other closeted geniuses

I’m here for people tempted to think they’re too complicated, too different, too you-name-it.

You’re not a misfit. You’re misunderstood.

Let’s explore the shadows and get to know your superpowers.

Anyone in hiding. Anyone in fear.

Let your shame free, let’s stand in the light.

The “complicated” people

–a.k.a. the brilliant people who sometimes over-intelligence.

Do you feel like you’re somehow more complicated than your friends? Do you have trouble “manifesting” the things that seem easy (or at least easier) for other people? Do you struggle to “think positive” or to just let things be simple?

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time in your head trying to sort out what you “should” do because of how complicated your options (and life) seem to be?

This is for that. Via some specific tools just for you, you can find deep, nourishing clarity that includes your beautiful complexity without enslaving you to it.

People facing a Dark Night

–a.k.a. an incredibly hard patch that is starting to feel hopeless–a.k.a. an initiation into the realm of True Adulthood.

You weren’t born into the wrong family, world or era. You aren’t broken and your life isn’t… ahem… screwed.

Your complexity, skepticism, frustration, anger, grief and repeat “fails” will guide you to True Humanhood.True Humans are what the world is craving–perhaps now more than ever. Your dark night is about to become your biggest source of non-schmarmy strength. Let’s unlock your energy so you can both receive your blessings and be a blessing. Yes.

Couples locked in patterns they… ahem… would rather not keep repeating

Are you and your partner regularly stymied by frustrations you know you “should be” more enlightened than? Do you get locked in blame and shame, defensiveness and general this-does-not-feel-good-why-are-we-doing-this?

I guarantee that your very first session will HUGELY ease the tension. You’ll get actionable take-aways customized for just what you’re going through. You’ll get insight into the stunning perfection of what you two are doing together. And you’ll most likely laugh. (Yes, even if right now you feel more like punching the wall.)

Families with young adults at a threshold

You have a deep, keen and sensitive young adult on your hands. They need a bridge to actualize their Purpose.

It took way too many therapists, tragedies and dollars to get my family to where we are now. The gold mined from that is not only our now-super-rich relationships but also my capacity to provide a stable and fully-encompassing bridge for you and your children.

No one in your family is broken. You just need the right kind of help.

Adoptees and those who love them

Many adoptees wonder if they’ve been missing something–and need help to find their answer to that question.

There are certain experiences had by many adoptees that simply cannot be understood by someone who isn’t intimate with the world of adoption. It is a world full of paradox. Your life is good (or “should” be), and yet… _______ (fill in the blank).

Please call me. Within just one session you can begin to feel the relief that is your birthright.

I get it. My hope and prayer for all adoptees is that you will get deeply understood in a way that allows you to be blessed by all of your ancestry–both birth and adoptive.

Companies who stand for full-spectrum profit

Do your people want to be there? Are they aligned with the company goals? This is usually not about what we think it is about.

For teams who want to deepen their satisfaction, growth and sense of meaningful purpose. For leaders who know that offering meaty enrichment to their team fosters internal motivation to serve the greater good.

Service, profit and humanity are intertwined for any company with Soul. This is the how.

So that we may all become True Humans instead of hungry ghosts–for you, your people, yourLIVING.

Time to paint your picture in full-color…

Contact me about your heartache, your vision, your conflict, your points of enlightened connection.

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