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I specialize in walking people through the critical conversations –with their conscious mind, nervous system, body, heart and loved ones–for sanely crafting a meaningful life.
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"Liz held a safe space for me to be still and realize how things are for me. I was able to move forward and see things in a more positive way. The session I had with Liz continues to be a source of strength for me."

Carol Mowl, Textile Tutor/Lecturer, Beetlefelt Studios, UK

walking people through the critical conversationsCritical Conversations


I walk people through the critical conversations–with their conscious mind, nervous system, body, heart and loved ones–for sanely crafting a meaningful life. Here’s why and how:

I was born to a middle-class family in San Francisco and had a delightful childhood. I felt like a spark of God-light, sparking and sparkling as I blossomed and grew… until about the age of three.

For reasons both known and as-yet mysterious, I began to adopt and amplify my parent’s fear and pain patterns. (This is what most of us are doing when things aren’t working at school or work, by the way.) By the third grade I wanted to die. Things only got worse as I got older.

I spent the next decade amassing tragedies to try to explain my grief and loss of spark. My parents hired the best therapists and psychiatrists they could find. I tried support groups and healers and anything I could to relieve the suffering that dogged me, desperate to move from victimhood to joy.

I went to UC Berkeley to study psychology and figure my brain out once and for all. I learned a ton, got my degree and remain ever-grateful to researchers who give scientific validity to the study of the psyche. That said, they could not tell me how to get their knowledge into my cells, so that I could live it. I wanted more.

I found NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), studied it for the next 8 years, and continue to practice it. In the right hands, NLP is an incredible craft. It works with your reptilian or “lizard” brain–the part that holds you hostage to fear even when the rest of you is ready for truth!, beauty!, light!

NLP is, essentially, “lizard whispering”. It gets your nervous system on board to work with your uniquely human mind and heart.

My spark returned and my life was my own again.

Why? High-caliber NLP? Yes, and also a subsequent deep-dive into family and organizational constellations and, ultimately, a long-resisted foray into a type of mind-body coaching that actually worked for getting messages from mind to my stubborn (scared & skeptical) body. This allowed me to go from the alleviation of suffering to living and working with my strengths at play.

Constellation work taught me to love and respect both my family and the organizations I was a part of without taking on destructive patterns that were not my own. Constellation work is incorporated into all of my 1:1 work with clients. Mind/body coaching taught me to integrate insights and “ah ha moments” into the cells of my being, turning them into something bankable.

Many agents of change work with a limited toolbox. We must have the capacity to go deep with the entirety of someone’s system and also know when (and how) to serve strategic action.

It may sound grand to say I’m coaching for world peace. But I am. And I believe it begins with each of us.

What I have learned from the recovery of myself is that we war, whether internally or externally, because of some form of exclusion–of the pain we think too mysterious, the mind we think too stubborn, the problems we think too irreconcilable.

Combining the very best tools allows me to support you in reclaiming those things that some part of you thought needed to be excluded. It is time for them to bring you peace instead. Along the way, you’ll be learning a sustainable method for consistently tapping into your own innate vitality. From there flows joy, creativity, rich relationships and the other true treasures of our deepest desires.

To peace and joy in your Being,

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I believe we are here to become True Adults, and that this is the greatest blessing we can give ourselves and the world. My work is here for that purpose.

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